Our Story

Chocolate, Nougats, Malban & Crunches Since 1945

Borjak Company History

It all began over 85 years ago. My Grandfather Assaad's passion for Nougat and Malban had inspired him to start a confectionery factory in Beirut; thus the Borjak legacy. From its humble beginings, his business model was simple: maintain taste and high quality for every bite, using highest quality ingredients. My father, Mustapha, took over in 1945. He expanded the factory and added chocolate products and developed a variety of delectable offerings, such as pistachio, sesame and peanut crunches.

Good Taste and Fine Quality

Good taste and fine quality rules and principles, laid down by my Grandfather, were incorporated in all of Borjak products from chocolate to nougat and malban. As a child, I grew up watching my father produce items that delighted children and adults alike. Now this legacy has been passed down to me with over 150 varieties of chocolate and confectioneries. As a candy and chocolate lover and a business man I pledged to make our family-owned factory a renown one in Lebanon and abroad.

My Dream

Indeed, our high quality products have proven themselves in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, US and Canada. My dream is to continue growing the business and introduce our unique and delicious products all over the world.

Assaad Borjak, Jr