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About Borjak Company

Borjak Company is a Lebanese family-owned and operated factory since 1925, delivering delicious gourmet level products at affordable prices, and this is why our distributers have achieved early success in introducing our items to food retailers.

All of our products are wrapped using an automated process. Each client has the option to either use our own stickers, or we will substitute our labels with their at no additional cost.

All of our products are microbiologically and chemically tested under standards set by HACCP at government laboratories.Thank you for choosing Borjak, your satisfcation is our goal.

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Borjak Products

Maintain taste and high quality for every bite, using highest quality ingredients.

How We Make It

Borjak's traditional confectioneries have maintained the same original recipes that kept our forefathers wanting more of these mouth-watering treats. We invite you to try Borjak's confectioneries and experience the lingering in your mouth.

How is it made?

Our secret is that our specialized cooks combine only high quality ingredients in all of our products. Malban and Nougat delights are made using the best pistachios in the world, imported from Iran, highly nutritious with unrivalled taste. Sudanese sesame seeds are used for their brittles using low sugar content to proudly produce an out-of-this world taste. we accommodate all of our clients’ specific needs. We create, design and custom-made sweets and chocolate while maintaining our recipes. All varieties are handmade which may involve: roasting, rolling, kneading, grinding to shaping each piece to become a true masterpiece with great taste.

How can you resist?

Top Sellers

Our high quality products have proven themselves in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.