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Delivering A Variety of Delectable and Supreme Quality Nougats, Malban and Crunches Since 1945.
The Borjak legacy started over 85 years ago when my grandfather Assaad’s passion for nougat and malban inspired him to start a confectionery factory in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut.

From humble beginnings, his business model and vision were straight forward; maintain a unique signature taste combined with the highest quality ingredients to deliver supreme quality and unmatched nougats, malban and crunches.When my father Mustapha took over in 1946, he expanded the factory and added an extensive range of chocolate products and developed a variety of delectable offerings, such as pistachio, sesame and peanut crunches.

A signature taste and high-quality measures are the principles laid down by my grandfather and this model has been passed on through generations. The vision and mission are still incorporated in all of our products from chocolate to nougat and malban, ensuring a signature taste like no other.

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